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Dancer / Choreographer / Dance Teacher

Sara Mitola is an italian dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. 

She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Dance from the Institute of the Arts of Barcelona, where she had the chance to expand her knowledge on acting technique, voice and singing, choreography, kinesiology and dancer’s health, performing arts business and entrepreneurship. She graduated with a Master Degree in Dance and Social Inclusion from the Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome.

Since 2018, she is been a Certified Progressing Ballet Technique Teacher

On 2019, she was selected by Roberto Zappalà for the “MoDem Language- Workshop”

On 2021 she completed the Preparatory of “Dance Movement Therapy” lead by Susanne Odeivaine and “Q-MOTION | COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE AND MOVEMENT STUDIES” lead by Eva Sanchez Martz.

As a dancer, she has worked for the Eleina D Company (Italy 2013), Martz Contemporary Dance Company of Eva Sanchez Martz, former member of the Cirque du Soleil (Spain 2014-2017), the Oriantheatre Dance Company (Paris 2015). She has performed a piece of Raúl Tamez (Mexico 2016), “Ensemble Dance Co.” of Hayley Matthews (UK -2017), “Nikki de Graaf Company” (Holland 2017-2018), Breathing Art Company (Bari, Italy 2018) Menhir Company (Biennale of Venice 2019). Since 2019 she has been a former dancer at AltraDanza Company (Italy and Moscow 2019-2021). 

Sara’s choreographic work includes “I Remember”, performed at the “Felina Theater” (Mannheim, Germany 2017), “Craft Choreography-Premier Edition” (Austria 2019) and “32^ Florence Dance Festival” (Florence 2021) with the live music of Giuseppe Sorressa; “Rite of Passage” choreographed for the “Innanduo” and selected at the “Rooted Moon Theatre Art Festival” (Sardinia 2018); “PHOBIA” choreographed for the “A.M. Collective” and selected at the Abeliano Danza festival (Bari 2019); “Bailame al Alma” with the text of Marta Bessa, performed at the festival “Off Zero” (Barcelona 2019 & 2021); “Sonder” performed at the festival “A qualcuno piace Solo” of the Breathing Art Company (Bari 2020); “1Self” choreographed together with Giada Ferrulli for the “Esplorare Festival” Teatro Kismet (Bari 2021) and DANCEHAUSpiù (Milan 2021).

Her latest piece choreographed for  “Innanduo” was the winner of the artistic residency at the festival “Resistere e Creare” 2019 (Teatro della Tosse, Genoa, Italy) and that same year it was selected to perform in Paris at “Theatre Douze” during the “Sobanova” Festival. In 2023, she is the winner of the Call RigenereAzioni of the Network Internazionale Danza Puglia of Ezio Schiavulli and winner of the Call Puglia Sound Italian Tour 2023, touring in south Italy with the work realised with Giuseppe Sorressa and the Innanduo. 

She has been assistant to the choreographer Eva Sanchez Martz at the “Move it” dance event (Mar 2016, London) and at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona (2015-2017) and assistant of Paola Ronchi – Royal Academy Of Dance Examiner – in the preparation of RAD Exams. In August 2021, she taught for the AltraDanza Company at the Kismet Theatre.

Since 2018, Sara teaches contemporary dance, floorwork and Progressing Ballet Technique, nationally and internationally offering a range of classes and workshops for professional dancers and dance students. Currently she runs her own studio “MITOLAB”.

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